An Analysis of Post-Show Talks (2020)

Poster for "Consent" of two clasped hands against a blurry red backdrop, text reads "Consent by Nina Raine, Marriage isn't perfect, but it's all we've got"

Project Lead:

Professor Jonathan Herring   l  Oxford Law Faculty   l   University of Oxford

Partner Organisations:

Ronin Theatre

This project was unfortunately curtailed due to the pandemic, but the seeds of collaboration remain for future exploration. This idea was to collaborate with Ronin Theatre to explore what audience members gain from participating in a post-show talk with academics, and how such events might influence the way they engage with the challenging themes, opinions and questions raised in a performance.


The Ronin Theatre production for this post-show talk was due to be "Consent" by Nina Raine, which is about attitudes towards rape, and how victims of rape are treated by the current British justice system. The aim was to understand more about audience reactions to thought-provoking performance and complex social arguments. Do they come away from a performance eager to find out more about the issues raised? Are they interested in hearing "expert" insights or sharing personal reflections? How can academics build on such engagement to support pathways to impact for their own research?