Announcement: Women in Humanities Graduate Award Holders Publish Article on the Women's Studies MS.T Course at Oxford

woman in the humanities
Eleri Watson and Charlotte De Val (MSt in Women’s Studies, 2014-15), who co-chaired the organising committee of ‘Teaching to Transgress’, have had published in the online journal Exchanges a co-authored article reflecting on issues arising out of the conference: ‘“This is education as the practice of freedom”: Twenty Years of Women’s Studies at the University of Oxford’.
The MSt in Women’s Studies is a nine-month interdisciplinary master's degree, which equips students with the critical and research tools needed for women's studies in the humanities. It provides a systematic introduction to feminist theory, highlighting women's contribution to culture and history alongside critical analysis and theorisation of the meanings assigned to the category 'woman' in philosophical, literary, socio-cultural and historical thought. For further information about the programme,