Cross-Disciplinary Phenomenology: A Readiness for the Questionable


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The School of English at Kent University and the Oxford Phenomenology Network are organising a one day symposium on Cross-Disciplinary Phenomenology: A Readiness for the Questionable, to be held at the University of Kent on the 24 June 2016. They invite academics and professionals across and far beyond the arts, spanning from literary scholars to art historians, sociologists, criminologists, philosophers, anthropologists, architects, medical practioners, business professionals, landscape engineers, creative writers, musicians, artists, and others.

Keeping in the spirit of the event, we hope that papers will open up, rather than close down, discussion, providing points for phenomenological interrogation and debate rather than offering a finely polished thesis. Thus, please send short abstracts, for a 15-minute paper, consisting of a title in the form of a discussion question and 150 words explaining the focus of your paper to by 15 February 2016. Please make it clear if you wish to feature as a respondent too. On the day, respondents assigned to discussion panels consisting of 3 individuals will be expected to reiterate the question raised, respond and open the discussion to the rest of the audience for further questioning. Please also get in touch if you are a postgraduate student interested in participating in a round table discussion.

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