Dr Leah Broad discusses the Music of Guy Woolfenden

image of woolfenden 1

What did twentieth-century Shakespeare sound like? Dr Leah Broad and The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust are aiming to explore this question through their Humanities Cultural Programme (HCP) funded project – The Shakespeare Music of Guy Woolfenden. 

This project brings composer Guy Woolfenden’s (1937-2016) music to life by creating an online resource which aims to put Woolfenden’s music back in the context of the production it was originally intended for. The resource combines music, text, photographs, reviews, and designs, showing when the music was played, and how it shaped the overall design and atmosphere of the production.

You can hear more about the project, Dr Broad’s work and the music of composer Guy Woolfenden (1937-2016) by listening to a recent ‘Research conversation’ between Dr Leah Broad and Paul Edmondson, hosted by the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust. 

Find out more about Dr Broad’s HCP project here.