Greek tragedy: masterclasses on film in the media

Greek Tragedy – masterclasses on film’ brings together international practitioners and experts to make a short film about Antigone aimed at online theatre audiences, as well as university and school students. The project builds on the success of Out of Chaos’ Reading Greek Tragedy Online.

This project has already featured in the written media for their success and innovation. You can read the articles below.

Review for the recent production of Helen:

"A fantastic online show of Euripides’s take on Helen of Troy"

Review written by Lloyd Evans for The Spectator

Read the review here.

Out of Chaos: Reading Greek Tragedy Online:

"After working out some (very) rough details we reconvened 24 hours later for our first reading, Euripides’ Helen. We all enjoyed it immensely, and after that we resolved to live stream an episode every Wednesday for the rest of the year. We ended with 41 episodes including all extant tragedies, a few comedies and episodes on the Iliad and Odyssey (plus a 24-hour reading of the whole poem)."

Article written by Paul O’Mahony for The Classical Association Blog

Read the article here.

Classics Everywhere: Engaging with Antiquity through Film and Theater at Home:

"Experimenting with the problem of how to ‘stage’ tragedies in the strange virtual world in which we were more and more compelled to operate, they were happily surprised to discover that creating a play with someone on the opposite side of the world could be an eye-opening and inspiring experience."

Article written by Nina Papathanasopoulou for the Society of Classical Studies.

Read the article here.

5 people in a Zoom meetng format