Hindsight Perspectives

The Heritage Partnerships Team is pleased to feature the blog posts of three Oxford students that joined Lloyd's Register Foundation Heritage & Education Centre in December 2020 as part of Careers Service’s micro-internship scheme. Having brokered this collaboration in the beginning of a year that soon took an unexpected turn, we were very happy to see this project come to life in a virtual environment, which also gave to the interns the opportunity to engage with digital collections and communicate their findings across different media. 


Hamish Low researched the history of containerisation to shed a different light on one of the key challenges for the shipping industry: decarbonisation.

You can find out more about Hamish’s research here and download the full literature review here.


James Derham researched the transition to Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) propulsion, and how can we use these learnings to create a hard business case for decarbonisation. You can find out more about what they describe as a ‘chicken and egg paradox’ here.


Laura Hurford focused her hindsight project on fire safety on vessels and offshore structures and how this has changed throughout the past. She shares her findings, as well as her overall experience as a micro-intern here. You can download her full literature review here.

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