Judith McKenzie Essay Prizes

The Heritage Partnerships Team congratulates the winners of the inaugural Judith McKenzie Essay Competition. The competition is run by the team of the Manar al-Athar Photo Archive and prizes are awarded to outstanding student essays on a site, building, inscription, mosaic, wider theme, and so on, featured on the Manar al-Athar website


First prize: Ofer Pogorelsky (PhD candidate, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Essay title: “The Rock Inscriptions of Wadi Mukattab, Sinai”

Nabataean text inscribed in pinkish rock

Wadi Mukattab - inscriptions وادي مكتب - نقوش Photo Credit: Zoltan Matrahazi/Manar al-Athar


Second prize: Archie Williams (MPhil candidate, University of Oxford)

Essay title: “Constructing the Late Antique Desert”

Remains of stucco decoration of ornamental gateway flanked by two towers.

Qasr al-Hayr al-Gharbi (West) (National Museum of Damascus) قصر الحير الغربي - المتحف الوطني دمشق Photo Credit: Judith McKenzie/Manar al-Athar (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)


The winning essays will be published on the Manar al-Athar website

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