Oxford Code Review Network

Posted on behalf of Reproducible Research Oxford


Do you write pieces of code that you would like to get feedback on?

The Oxford Code Review Network (OxCRN) is for you!

Whatever your research field or favourite programming language or level of experience with programming, code reviews are for you.

Whether you are reviewer or reviewee, engaging in regular code reviews will make you a better programmer, making your research software more readable and maintainable.

This means research that is efficient, easy to communicate and straightforward to reproduce!

No need to censor yourself, any kind of code is suitable for review. If you're working on a big piece of software, just pick a few functions/scripts (400 lines max) that you think would be interesting to review. Try it now!


- What are code reviews and why do them (1:02)

- Why a code review network at Oxford (09:59)

- How OxCRN works (10:41)

- Who can participate (spoiler alert: you can!) (15:40)

- Philosophy of the code review network (16:11)

- Upcoming events (19:39)

- Discussion of longer term goals (21:14)


Any questions or feedback? Do not hesitate to contact Thibault Lestang thibault.lestang@cs.ox.ac.uk (Oxford Research Software Engineer (OxRSE) and Reproducible Research Oxford (RROx) Fellow)