Platforming Artists Project Announcement

two women of colour hold and look at Medea (middle)who laments. White tribal markings on faces, wearing plain black clothing. Trees are in the background.

We are delighted to announce that Professor Fiona Macintosh (Faculty of Classics) has recently been awarded a Humanities Cultural Programme grant for their ‘Platforming Artists’ project.

This project is part of the development of a new adaption of Euripides' Medea.


In 2018, Medea was created to tackle the lack of diverse theatre at Oxford University and was driven by the desire to bring numerous cultures and people of colour together to perform this powerful, classical story in a reimagined way, through original music, movement and spoken word.

Whilst the project continues to be developed, Producer and writer Shivaike Shah hosts a podcast series with the artists and academics involved in the project in order to create a dialogue with audiences. The podcasts discuss the collaborations on Medea and explores the work of each guest beyond the ‘Medea’ project. The podcast series will be released shortly.


Shivaike Shah said: “At Khameleon Productions, we are so lucky to work with such an incredible range of diverse, talented artists. This 'Platforming Artists Podcast' is our way of highlighting to our audience not just the work that these artists do for us, but the numerous other ways they are making valuable change in the Arts. We are grateful to the Humanities Cultural Programme for not only helping us platform these artists, but for enabling us to provide a small honorarium for their contribution


To find out more about this Humanities Cultural Programme funded project please visit: