Research Integrity online training

Online course now available

An updated online research integrity course (developed by Epigeum, part of Oxford University Press) is now available via Weblearn providing an introduction to research integrity (or good practice in research).

The core course has been designed to support researchers from all disciplines through some of the key issues that need to be considered when planning, conducting and reporting research.  Amongst other topics, the course covers professional responsibilities, designing and conducting research, relationships (both with other researchers and the broader community and the public), scholarly publication, research dissemination and impact, issues in research governance and what to do if research misconduct is suspected. Potential problems are identified, along with suggestions for how they can be resolved. Practical examples and activities are included to develop understanding of more complex situations.

Given the importance of training in research integrity (as emphasised in the 2019 update of the Concordat to Support Research Integrity and by major research funders when auditing the University), Research and Innovation Committee agreed at its March 2020 meeting that this should be compulsory for all University of Oxford researchers.

In addition to the core compulsory course, there are specialist supplementary modules also available via Weblearn covering specific aspects of research integrity, relevant to certain types of research.  These cover: research involving human participants; research involving animals; intellectual property; conflicts of interest; export controls.

Links to the courses are also available from the Research Support site at  and a certification of completion of the course is also available (in the form of an email acknowledgement showing that you have achieved the required 90% pass mark).