Syrian Voices Oral History Project Releases Short Film

Syrian Voices logo, consisting of a yellow circle containing an outline of Syria, next to the words 'Syrian Voices'

The Syrian Voices project, a product of the TORCH Conversations on Identity, Ethnicity and Nationhood network, is an audio visual project humanising the Syrian crisis through the personal stories of refugees now settled in the UK. At its centre is a documentary film to be screened in cinemas and live-streamed in March 2021 alongside short films for TORCH  and a new platform with over 50 video interviews.

It is hoped the films will offer an accessible and nuanced approach which connects audiences with what it means to be a refugee from conflict in Britain today.

The project gathers testimonies from 50 ordinary civilians to ensure the incorporation of their narratives within historical and memorialisation processes. The films aim to raise public awareness and also provide a substantive video archive for research and social engagement.

Syrian Voice's first short film is now available on the TORCH YouTube channel.