Created in a collaboration between Chipping Norton Theatre and Oxford University

Collaborators: John Frater, Professor of Infectious Diseases, NDM, a specialist in HIV, currently running a COVID ward at the JR; Sunetra Gupta, Professor of Theoretical Epidemiology, who has run modelling suggesting a much earlier spread of the outbreak; and Dr Nicola Fawcett, MRC Clinical Research Fellow, and member of the Modernising Medical Microbiology team.  Humanities researchers giving talks will include Professor Sally Shuttleworth and Dr Emilie Taylor-Brown, from ‘Diseases’, and Professor Kirsten Shepherd-Barr, a specialist on science and medicine in the theatre.  

I have a funny feeling we've been here before

Chipping Norton Theatre, working alongside researchers, academics and medical professionals from Oxford University, are creating a new online performance that takes the long view on the current pandemic.

Killer germs, superbugs and pestilential plagues have long fascinated writers and musicians. Join a cast of actors, scientists and literary researchers for a witty, moving and entertaining take on the crisis of the moment.

From Tony Kushner’s Angels in America to Mary Shelley, from obscure Victorian Medical Parlour Songs to Fascinating Aida’s Herpes Tango, The Contagion Cabaret is riddled with infectious extracts of plays, poems, journalism and music, past and present.

Live from Lockdown

Previously performed as a live show in venues as diverse as London's Science Museum and the British Academy, The Contagion Cabaret is a collaboration between Chipping Norton Theatre, and the Diseases of Modern Life team (University of Oxford), led by Professor Sally Shuttleworth. This brand new online video version, specially created from lockdown by a company of actors, musicians and academic experts, will be available for viewing from 18th June on the following websites:

TORCH (The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities) and Oxford University will be hosting a live Q+A with researchers and creative team members at 5pm on Fri 19th June. Please follow the link to the event details.

To view the winners of the 'Your Lockdown' competition, click here.

For further information, interviews and sneak peeks, contact Director John Terry on


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