This talk on 'Authenticity' is part of the TORCH Network Unconcious Memory programme of events. Professor Andrew Parker (Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics, University of Oxford) discusses ‘Trust in Experts’. He will discuss how brain activity is altered by trusting the advice of experts and will explore the extent to which we can trust the images of neural activity delivered to us by modern brain scanners. Dr Hannah Drayson (Digital Art and Technology, Plymouth University) will talk about 'The Experience of Spontaneity' and Nail Biting Tigers: Hypnotic Metaphors, with special reference to psychotherapy and literature. Professor Matthew Reynolds (Faculty of English, University of Oxford) will give a talk called ‘Realisations’ where he will explore ways in which accuracy, honesty or fidelity are asserted in translation, autobiography, and other modes of writing and re-writing.


Unconscious Memory

Event: Authenticity