Ageing and Despair: Toward Patience and Hope for Health and Care

A Virtual Interdisciplinary Conference
Ageing and Despair: Toward Patience and Hope for Health and Care
Presentations on the existential weight of ageing and the art of dying.



The McDonald Centre for Theology, Ethics and Public Life in the Faculty of Theology and Religion at the University of Oxford, and in partnership with the Oxford Institute of Population Ageing and the Oxford Healthcare Values Partnership, encourage you to join us for the 2020 virtual interdisciplinary conference.

The Ageing and Despair conference event includes recorded video presentations from an international and interdisciplinary group of scholars. Their respective presentations explore the existential gravity of ageing and the art of dying such that health and care for ageing and dying persons might be resourced, and public policies, educative experiences, and professional practices might be re-examined.

Plenary Speakers include:

9.00am Prof Frits de Lange (Protestantse Theologische Universiteit), “The existential weight of ageing”

9.45am Prof Els van Wijngaarden (Universiteit Voor Humanistiek), “The dark side of ageing: lessons from older people who have a sense that their life is no longer worth living"

2.00pm Prof Farr A Curlin (Duke University), “Medicine and the art of dying well

Featured presentations are scheduled to premiere throughout the day. Featured speakers include (alphabetical) Prof Joanna Collicutt (Oxford), Prof Lydica Dugdale (Columbia), Prof Katherine Froggatt (Lancaster, retired) and Prof Caroline Nicholson (Surrey), Dr Chris Gilleard (Bath/UCL), Dr Christine Lai (MBIT/HK Holy Spirit Seminary), Dr Michael Mawson (Charles Sturt), Dr Ashley Moyse (Oxford), Dr Seamus O'Mahony (UCC, retired), Prof Autumn Alcott Ridenour (Merrimack), Prof Tyler VanderWeele (Harvard), and Dr Christopher Wareham (Witwatersrand). 

For more information about the conference speakers and schedule, or to view the event videos, please go to the conference website here:

Alternatively, viewers might locate the videos at the McDonald Centre YouTube playlist here:

Videos from this conference event will become available as scheduled on 4 September 2020 and will remain available to view for free through the end of the calendar year.