Andromeda: Live stream

cartoon of woman in classical dress kissing a marble statue against a deep purple background

Featured in our summer season: eight weeks of absolutely banging theatre and performance, in a new building and in a new post-pandemic (we hope…) world. Click here to view the full line-up. 

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Presented by Hannah Greenstreet and Charlotte Vickers

I look over at you. You’re like a statue.  

But not a statue. Not rock, nor chained to a rock. Flesh. Blood. Bone. 

In modern London, two girls meet under a starry sky. In ancient Ethiopia, a hero saves a princess, chained to a rock. Somewhere not quite either, first love meets its match. 

Andromeda by Hannah Greenstreet reimagines a lost play, constellating ancient fragments with a contemporary queer love story. This exploration of the stories we tell each other asks what happens when a young woman falls for someone unexpected, and how to feel proud when the world tells us not to be. 

What do you do when you’re stuck between a myth and a hard place? 

Supported by Arts Council England Lottery Funding and by TORCH as part of the Humanities Cultural Programme. Developed with support from CPT, Nottingham Playhouse and the Oxford Playhouse. 

Andromeda will be live streamed at 7pm on Friday 30th July. A link to the stream will be sent to the email you booked with no later than 60 minutes before the event is due to begin.


Click here to book your tickets for the live stream of Andromeda.

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