Call for Papers: The G R E E N Conference: Sustainability, Industrialization, and Environmental Knowledge

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What is the intersection between industrialization, the Anthropocene, and the birth of environmental science? How does the past inform our understanding of the green world, the greenback, and the browning of our sky? We are hosting the conference in Los Angeles, March 5-8, 2020.

We are excited to announce our two keynote speakers: Professor Pablo Mukherjee, author of Postcolonial Environments and Natural Disasters and Victorian Imperial Culture, and Hugo and Nebula Award winner Kim Stanley Robinson, author of many climate and science fiction novels, including the Three Californias, The Mars Trilogy, The Years of Rice and Salt, and Red Moon.

We invite proposals for papers, panels, roundtables. Members of this list might be particularly interested in proposing a virtual panels (which will be hosted remotely and teleconference in to the venue). For more detail on these options, please see the full CFP at

Possible topics may include: The Anthropocene and environmental degradation, Indigenous climate change studies, green writing, urban sustainability and reclamation, environmental arts, colorism and racial logics, greening blue/oceanic studies, the energy humanities, green architecture, the color of money, empire and climate change, plant culture & botanizing, fantasy and the environment, sustainability and rewilding, ableism and ecocriticism, the environmentalism of the poor, utopianism, accelerationism, new agencies & transpecies activism, ecotheory, industrial ecology, immaturity, green spaces and the commons, greenwashing, and sickness + the ecologies of health.

Our goal is a net carbon-zero conference. The conference will be held in downtown Los Angeles, at an accessibility-friendly hotel, located at a major metro stop in order to facilitate travel by rail. There will be print-on-demand support at the venue to facilitate the printing of accessibility copies. We encourage participants to consider their travel options carefully for environmental impact. Participants will also have the option to support carbon offsetting at registration. 

For more information, or to submit a proposal, please contact us at:

See you in Los Angeles!