Conference: Inheritance and Cooperation


Francesca Merlin (Philosophy, Paris): ‘Limited extended inheritance.’

Heikki Helanterä (Biology, Helsinki): ‘Superorganisms as model systems.’

Rachael Brown (Philosophy, Macquarie): ‘Generating benefit: Social learning and the other cooperation problem.’

Simon Powers (Biology, Lausanne): ‘What drove the last major evolutionary transition to large-scale human societies?’

Jonathan Birch (Philosophy, London School of Economics): ‘Time and relatedness in microbes and humans.'

Ellen Clarke (Philosophy, University of Oxford): ‘Inheritance and cooperation.’

Peter J Richerson (Biology, UC Davis): TBA

With responses from Cecilia Heyes, Tobias Uller, Michael Bentley, Jessica Laimann, John Odling-Smee and Matthew Clark.

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Funded by TORCH, Balliol College and All Souls College

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Inheritance and Cooperation

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Audience: Open to all