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TORCH Oxford Phenomenology Network is hosting a seminar that will focus on "Psychopathology of time and body".

Talk: Roxana Baiasu  “Making Sense of Things in Dementia”

Readings:  G.A.M. Widdershoven, R.L.P. Berghmans, "Meaning-making in dementia: a hermeneutic perspective", in: ed. J.C. Hughes, S. J. Louw, S. R. Sabat, Dementia: Mind, Meaning and the Person, Oxford University Press 2006, p. 179-191. M. Summa, T. Fuchs, "Self-experience in dementia", Rivista Internazionale di Filosofia e Psicologia 6 (2), 2015, p. 387-405.

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