Developing Learning and Teaching (DLT)

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Developing Teaching and Learning (DLT) is a short accredited programme for DPhil, postdoctoral researchers and college staff who are teaching at the University. The programme aims to develop your skills in teaching. You will attend workshops, undertake teaching activities, and submit a portfolio for assessment. Meeting the portfolio marking criteria will earn you SEDA (Staff and Educational Development Association) accreditation mapped at UKPSF Descriptor 1 for Teaching and Supporting Learning in Higher Education.

What is the purpose of teaching seminars?

Teaching Seminars are designed for doctoral students and research staff in the humanities who are teaching undergraduates in the UK for the first time. The seminars encourage discussion about teaching and learning, and support the development of an accredited Developing Learning and Teaching portfolio.

Resources and Downloads

The Developing Learning and Teaching Handbook and reading material for the seminars will made available once you have been accepted onto the programme.

The DLT programme is described in further detail on the Oxford Learning Institu​te website​, where the full handbook is also available to download.

Who should attend the teaching seminars?

Teaching seminars are for those who are new to teaching at Oxford. Most graduate students at Oxford aim to undertake some undergraduate teaching, although not usually before their second year, and only after successful completion of Transfer of Status from Probationer Research Student to DPhil status. Research Staff and Postdoctoral Fellows should also expect to gain some teaching experience. Doctoral students and research staff will need to complete PLTO (Preparation for Learning and Teaching at Oxford), before they can attend the DLT, this is the faculty introduction to teaching, or equivalent and should be attended during the term in which they are undertaking some undergraduate teaching. The seminars run every term.

Externally-funded students and researchers should check the terms and conditions of their funding agreement which may include restrictions on the amount or type of teaching they can undertake.

How do I register to attend the teaching seminars?

Registration for Hilary ​​Term is now open; you first need to provisionally book yourself onto either the morning or afternoon sessions, you will then be sent an application form to complete. You can book onto the course here. Applications should be submitted by Friday 17th January.


Hilary Term 2020: Thursdays 9:30am-11:00am or 1:30pm-3:00pm.

The seminars are as follows:
Week 1 : Introduction to Developing Learning and Teaching
Week 2: The role of the teacher and student development
Week 3: Lesson design
Week 4: Evaluating your teaching
Week 6: Feedback to students
Week 7: Portfolio review

Please note that you will have to submit a portfolio within three terms of your completion of the seminars. If you do not submit by this last available deadline, you will no longer eligible to submit a portfolio.

The DLT programme will NOT be running in Trinity Term 2020. If you have teaching lined up for Trinity and were planning on doing the DLT then you might want to think about doing it this term instead.   

If you have any queries please contact the Humanities Training Officer at