Digital Approaches to Museum Collections: From Access to Analysis

dh small seminar poster

We are aiming to bring together graduate students working in the field of Digital Humanities (DH), as well as others that may be interested in the area, at the university. We hope to create a friendly environment for those working, or thinking about working, within DH to share their research, ideas and problems.

In Trinity term we will have four sessions of the group (even weeks). We aim to have 2 people per seminar give a short oral presentation of 10 minutes each about their research questions related to Digital Humanities, as well as any issues they would like to discuss/get feedback on. Each presentation will be followed by a discussion. Our group is meant to provide an insight into others’ problems and to help us all get to know other group members and understand how we can continue various discussions further.

At our next meeting on the 9 May we will hear and discuss a presentation from Sarah Griffin (Research Assistant at Oxford Internet Institute): ‘Digital Approaches to Museum Collections: From Access to Analysis’.

Please could all interested parties see which one of the sessions they would like to speak at (see dates below) and send an e-mail to both Irina and Pany ( and giving their name and topic title (if none yet, then we will write ‘TBC’).