Engaging Media Communications for Academics

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With an increasing focus on your research having an impact beyond academia it is important for researchers to have the skills and to feel comfortable talking to the media. This day long workshop provides an exciting opportunity to get in-depth knowledge and practical hands-on media training from two experienced BBC producers and journalists, Claire Bolderson and Caroline Finnegan.

Veteran TV journalists, Claire Bolderson and Caroline Finnegan, will guide you through the process of refining your academic work into a story that is accessible to a wider audience.

How do you draw people in with hooks and angles? How do you tell your story without over simplifying it? Through the day, practical exercises and examples will be used to help you get the best results. There will be plenty of interaction with the Trainers and each other.

The workshop includes an exploration of social media and how best to use it to get greater exposure for you and your work. You will also learn how to perform effectively in a media interview. Tips will be given on preparation, appearance and delivery.

For further information please contact training@humanities.ox.ac.uk.

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