‘Feeling New Strength’ | String quartets and the voice

beethoven mahler 1804 hires landsacape 2

Tickets: £15, £10 | Free for music students

Booking: www.ticketsoxford.com

Beethoven’s fifteenth string quartet is a profound work of melancholy and joy – its majestic third movement juxtaposes a solemn religious song with a lively section marked ‘Neue Kraft fühlend’ (feeling new strength). In this concert, singers from the Faculty of Music join the innovative Kreutzer quartet to find more contrasts, performing songs accompanied by string quartet, and string quartets inspired by songs.


  • String Quartet in D minor op. 103 Hob. III:83
  • ‘Der Greis’ Hob XXVc:5 for voices and string quartet


  • ‘Elegischer Gesang’ for Voices and Strings op. 188
  • String Quartet no. 15 in A minor op. 132, ‘Heiliger Dankgesang’