Heritage Pathway: Women in Science at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History

Are you interested in the representation of women in cultural institutions? Would you like to contribute to an exciting new initiative at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History (OUMNH)?

The Museum is looking to redress the historic disparity between male and female science contributors and explore how best to bring the work of current female scientists to the fore. This is a unique opportunity to help inform a live programme of activity at OUMNH. Facilitating the sharing and discussion of ideas and opinions, this workshop will feed into initial planning by the museum that will help shape the way that female scientists are highlighted in the physical space and programme of events.

During the workshop we will hear from members of staff directly responsible for collections, exhibitions and education and discuss some of the big equity challenges faced by cultural institutions today, as well as those unique to the OUMNH. You will be invited to contribute ideas and opinions through group discussions that will feed into this exciting project.

This workshop may also seed further collaborative opportunities. As part of a broader listening exercise, OUMNH hope to learn from your knowledge and experience as engaged researchers working across a wide range of disciplines.

Please ensure that you would be happy for OUMNH to use any ideas that you submit here or bring to the workshop to inform public-facing programming.



Ellena Grillo (Exhibitions Officer, OUMNH)

Kelly Richards (Exhibitions Officer, OUMNH)

Janet Stott (Deputy Director and Head of Public Engagement, OUMNH)


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For further information email training@humanities.ox.ac.uk.

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