Heritage Pathway: Authenticity in African Heritage

a manuscript from the Bodleian’s collections on Ethiopia and Eritrea

Heritage Pathway: Authenticity in Chinese Heritage

This is the last of three sessions on 'Heritage and Authenticity'. These sessions place the question of authenticity in an international context, to suggest that approaches to authenticity are invariably linked to dynamic issues of cultural and societal expressions and values. As the heritage sector is increasingly globalized, it is more important than ever to interrogate global variations in what it means to be authentic.

Dr Mai Musie and Dr Jacopo Gnisci, Ethiopian and Eritrean Heritage in the Bodleian Library

Dr Mai Musie and Dr Jacopo Gnisci led a project at the The Bodleian Libraries in Oxford, who care for a collection of manuscripts and icons from Ethiopia and Eritrea, including illuminated gospels in Ge’ez, the KƏbrä Nägäst, and The Harp of Mary, to work with Ethiopian and Eritrean communities to find out more about these precious objects and co-create events which will share them with the public. They have recently been received a TORCH Heritage Seed Fund award to continue the project.

Dr Olly Owens, Rail development and public heritage in Nigeria: Connecting past and future

Dr Olly Owens’ research interests centre on political anthropology and the relations between governments and publics in West Africa. In 2018 he was awarded a Knowledge Exchange Fellowship to develop a partnership with a Lagos-based railway heritage group.

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