“Hurry Up Please Its Time” - #MeToo and T. S. Eliot in 2020


The Women's Studies Mst at the University of Oxford are pleased to invite you to a talk by Dr Megan Quigley (Visiting Fellow and Associate Professor of English). This lecture will discuss a series of essays published/edited by Dr Quigley on "Reading The Waste Land with the #MeToo Generation", and the subsequent response by Sir Christopher Ricks, formerly Oxford Chair of Poetry, who used them as an example of bad feminism in his journal Essays in Criticism.

 The discussion will cover:

 - What about the series of essays on #MeToo made this prominent scholar so very angry?

 - Should the journal have published it?

 - How do we reply to blatant misogyny in our field? 

 - When a scholar attacks another personally, do we reply?

Megan Quigley is a Visiting Fellow at Teddy Hall in 2019-20, working on a book on T. S. Eliot and the novel. She is an Associate Professor of English at Villanova University, where she is also on the Irish Studies and Gender and Women’s Studies faculty. She holds a BA from Stanford, an MPhil from Oxford, and a PhD from Yale. Her first book, Modernist Fiction and Vagueness: Philosophy, Form, and Language (Cambridge University Press), explores the intertwined history of 20th-century British fiction and philosophy. Her work has appeared in The Cambridge Companion to European Modernism, the James Joyce Quarterly, The Journal of the T.S. Eliot Society, Modernism / modernity, Philosophy and Literature, and forthcoming in Poetics Today. Last year she spearheaded a group of essays on “Reading The Waste Land with the #MeToo Generation” for Modernism/ modernity. She is a co-editor of the forthcoming collection T. S. Eliot Now (Bloomsbury).

The room is fully accessible, here is further information for those with access needs: https://www.accessguide.ox.ac.uk/radcliffe-humanities