In Conversation: Dr Jack Matthews and Oxford Printmakers Co-operative


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Dr Jack Matthews explores, with others, the story behind the Oxford Printmakers Co-operative exhibition at the North Wall.

Oxford Printmakers Co-operative (OPC) has created prints inspired by First Animals - an exhibition of impressions of the earliest animals - opening at the Museum of Natural History on 12th July (

Dr Jack Matthews, Museum of Natural History Research Fellow, will be in conversation with Sally Levell, Earth Scientist/Printmaker and lead Artist, Bruce Levell, Visiting Professor, Department of Earth Sciences, and Catriona Brodribb of the OPC, about the exhibition and the story behind these fascinating prints.

The images were created, using a range of printmaking techniques, by 22 OPC members in response to viewings of the impressions as well as conversations and idea-sharing with palaeontology research fellows from the Museum. The prints are less about precise illustration but more about a glimpse, fleeting impression or sensation. Each printmaker has focussed on a specific aspect and given it a new meaning. In the museum, the prints are placed amongst the displays of fossils, helping to suggest the forms, textures and evolution of these fascinating animals.

The North Wall is delighted to be able to show each of these prints, for sale, in a parallel exhibition, opening on 9th July.

Please RSVP to Nicky Laird ( to register your attendance at this event at the North Wall.