International Public Health Film Competition 2020 – open for submissions


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With the world facing a health crisis of unprecedented scale caused by COVID-19, the International Public Health Film Competition aims to showcase the work of amateur and professionals film-makers around the world documenting stories from the pandemic.

We’re looking for films that investigate themes on health and psychological well-being. There are many definitions of health and wellbeing, therefore we accept film submissions addressing health from a broad perspective, as well as exploring specific health issues. We are particularly interested in films offering innovative and diverse perspectives on health will can act as a stimulus for new collaborations between public health and the film makers. Films submissions are not limited to any particular geographic location, culture or disease.


The films of any length (preferably under 60 minutes) and genre will be considered for the competition. We accept films that have been shown on the Internet or presented in an international motion picture event.


Winning entries will be screened as part of the 4th Public Health Film Festival from 20th – 22nd November 2020.

Submission deadline - Entries must be submitted no later than 30th September 2020. We cannot accept any entries received after this date.


Submission Process:

1. Entry to the competition is FREE. We cannot pay for courier/ shipping costs incurred if you choose to send screening copies.

2. You can submit your films through FilmFreeway by clicking on the link below

3. You can also submit your film on PAL DVD. Please notify us by email if you intend to submit your film by post. Clearly label your film with title of work / film-maker’s name / duration. Mark your envelope – FILM SUBMISSION – and send films to:

Public Health Film Society
Unit of Health-Care Epidemiology
Nuffield Department of Population Health
University of Oxford
Old Road
Oxford OX3 7LF
United Kingdom

4. If posting a film from outside the UK, packages must be clearly marked: NOT FOR TRADE / NO COMMERCIAL VALUE / LOAN FOR FESTIVAL / VALUE = 0.

5. If submitting more than one piece of work, please include a completed and signed form for each film.

6. All submitted work must be original and the signatory of the form must either own the festival rights to the film or have permission to submit it.

7. Please ensure that non-English language films have English language subtitles.

8. Insurance is the responsibility of the person who signs the form. We do not accept any responsibility for lost or damaged films.

9. We will acknowledge receipt of your film by email. If you have not received an email within a two weeks of submission, please get in touch.

10. All preview copies of films submitted for the festival will be retained by the Public Health Film Society, and we will work with the rights holders to include these previews in our Public Health Film Archive.


Selection Process

11. The selection panel will comprise individuals working in the film industry and people with a background in public health. The decisions of the panel are final.

12. The films selected by the panel will be screened during the Public Health Film Festival 2020 and clips will be shown at the film awards ceremony.

13. All entrants will be notified by 31st October 2020. We will contact you by email if your work has not been selected. Unfortunately, we are unable to feedback on films which have not been successfully shortlisted.

14. If your work has been selected, we will ask you to send us a full version of the film on DVD, digital file, print or video master for screening. We cannot arrange transport or pay costs for this, but will pay for return carriage.


Conditions of Entry

15. All films submitted must have full distribution clearance, including written consent/contracts for all people identifiable within the film, paid or unpaid, full musical clearance and third party clearance. It is also the responsibility of the person who signs the form to ensure that these consent forms are in place and valid prior to submission. By signing the form the person(s) agree that they have obtained all required permissions.

16. Copyright of the films is retained by the film-maker/production company.

17. The Public Health Film Society may use clips from successful submissions in order to publicise your work and the International Public Health Film Competition. These clips will be no longer than three minutes. By signing the form you are giving us your permission to do this.

18. If your work has been selected, we may require you to send still images from the film - JPEG or GIF formats preferred, 300dpi minimum to publicise your work and the International Public Health Film Competition.

19. We regret we are unable to pay screening fees.



1. For further information, and to answer any queries, please contact

Awards & Prizes

The winner of the International Public Health Film Competition (IPHFC) will receive the judges award. Honourable mentions will be awarded to two further films submitted to the IPHFC.

Rules & Terms

‘Health and wellbeing in a pandemic: stories told through film’

International Public Health Film Competition 2020
Guidelines and Entry Form