Islamic Art and Thought

workshop at the ashmolean flyer page 001

This workshop will explore the relationship between image and thought in the Islamic tradition. Francesca Leoni, curator of Islamic art of the Ashmolean and Umberto Bongianino, Departmental Lecturer in Islamic Art and Architecture, will give presentations on relevant objects of the Ashmolean collection which will be shown to the attendees. The artist Sama Mara will present traditional Islamic geometry from a practical point of view. She will also present her latest work,  "A Hidden Order", a cross-media project in which geometric space is explored through musical composition.  For further information see the attached program.

The workshop will take place on Thurdsay 21th of November in the Eastern Art Study Room 1, from 10 a.m. till 1 p.m. Places are limited, so please email to book a spot.