Kyoko Yoshida Discusses the Translation and Re-translation of Yoshimasu Gozo’s Alice Iris Red Horse (New Directions, 2016)


Kyoko Yoshida discusses the translation and re-translation of Yoshimasu Gozo’s Alice Iris Red Horse (New Directions, 2016).

Bio: Kyoko Yoshida was born in Fukuoka in 1969, studied in Kyoto, and acquired her Ph.D. in creative writing at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She writes fiction in English, translates contemporary experimental Japanese poetry and drama into English, and contemporary American fiction into Japanese, and teaches American Literature at Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto. Spectacle & Pigsty: Poetry by Kiwao Nomura (OmniDawn, 2011, with Forrest Gander) won the 2012 Best Translated Book Award in Poetry in the US and the 2012 Toson Memorial Rekitei Award in Japan.