Longform, a recent collection of Indian comics


Join us for a general discussion on Longform, a recent collection of Indian comics. Specific comics for consideration will be circulated in advance, and we shall also welcome Samira Nadkarni, who will discuss Longform's contribution in relation to the wider comics industry in India. 


Samira Nadkarni teaches undergraduate English literature in Mumbai. She is a working maritime journalist and sub-editor; serves on the editorial board for the undergraduate journals, Watcher Junior and Lumiere; writes reviews for the speculative science fiction and fantasy magazine, Strange Horizons and The Future Fire; previously contributed to the digital poetry project i <3 e-poetry; and has had her creative writing published in New Writing Dundee, Grund Lit, and Causeway Magazine. She is the editor of War in the Whedonverses, forthcoming with McFarland and Co. She has previously published articles on New Media Activism and its responses to India's 2012 "rape crisis", as well as an analysis of entrenched kyriarchal systems in the Firefly comic, Better Days. Her forthcoming publications include articles on NBC's Hannibal and racialised cannibalism, the limits of racebending in Hamilton and its fanworks, analysing empire and portal narratives in transmedial adaptations of Jumanji, and queer upper caste identities in ALTBalaji's Romil and Jugal.

All welcome.