Mellon Funding: Humanities and Identities Conferences and Workshops MT19


We welcome proposals from Oxford researchers in the humanities or in collaboration with humanities scholars for workshops/conferences relating to the headline theme ‘Humanities & Identities’, funded by the VC Diversity Fund and the Andrew W Mellon Foundation. £500-£1000 sums are available for such conferences and workshops.

The series focuses on multiple research areas relating to diversity including race, gender, sexuality, disability, poverty, class, religion and inequality.

Humanities & Identities brings together researchers, practitioners, policy-makers, creative thinkers and wider communities interested in forms of self-identity past, present and future. We welcome innovative ideas for projects from researchers working across the humanities and beyond on areas that link to diversity and inclusivity.

Applications should:

  • Name academic leads and their disciplines
  • Fit the themes of 'Humanities & Identities'
  • Be no longer than two pages long 
  • Outline the research questions and areas covered by the workshop/conference and potential outcomes from the event
  • Include a timeframe
  • Include an indicative budget 

The next deadline is 22 November 2019 at 12:00.

Decisions are to be made by the TORCH Management Committee.

Please submit your applications via IRAMS

*This opportunity is part of the TORCH Humanities and Identities Annual Headline Series.