Mental health in Oxford: what’s happening?

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Discussion | Environment & Nature, The Mind, Lifestyle, Health & Medicine

What is mental illness and how common is it? This workshop will explore some causes of mental illness and how symptoms manifest, with reflections on stigma and how to overcome it. This event on World Mental Health Day will introduce two digital initiatives for encouraging discourse around mental illness: MindMap and Another Oxford – both launched this October.

Syed Husain and Hami Lee are DPhil Psychiatry students at the University of Oxford, studying molecular genetics of psychiatric disease. Syed works on how genes are expressed across different organs in the body, with the aim of developing psychiatric drugs with fewer side-effects. Hami focuses on how genes linked to schizophrenia and bipolar disorder function, in order to understand how problems at a cellular and molecular level can lead to psychiatric symptoms. They hope to use their combined experience to solve practical problems in the treatment of mental illness today.


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