Moving Together: Online Dance Flashmob

A dancer strikes a pose against a vivid red, orange and yellow wall

Justice in Motion

Physical theatre company Justice in Motion have been working with Dr Bronwyn Tarr on the project 'Moving Together' to explore loneliness and belonging. With support from our Theatres Seed Fund and KE Fellowship scheme, this creative research collaboration asks if synchronised music and movement can help us connect with each other?

As part of the IF Oxford Science and Ideas Festival, Justice in Motion invite you to join an online dance flashmob! You can learn the moves in an online workshop on a date that suits you between 5-10 October, and take part in the flashmob on Saturday 24 October. Find out more here on JiM's website with links to book the free workshops.

If you would like to find out more about the project, there will be a short film premiere and Q&A on Thursday 29 October at 6.30pm.