Moving Together: Short Film Premiere and Q&A

Dancer reaches for the ground in an urban alleyway

Justice in Motion

Watch a new dance-film about loneliness: Thursday 29th October, 6:30pm (with Q&A and panel discussion). Sign up (free) to watch the premier of MOVING TOGETHER’s short dance-film exploring loneliness, the opposite of loneliness, and how shared experiences are important for personal and community health. The premier will be followed by a Q&A discussing the film, the creative process, and the role of the arts in combating loneliness. The panel will include Dr Bronwyn Tarr (Oxford University), artists (Justice in Motion), Dr Ellie Pearce (UCL loneliness researcher), and participants who took part in the project.

MOVING TOGETHER is a creative research collaboration between researcher Dr Bronwyn Tarr and Justice in Motion (physical theatre company), and was funded by the Arts Council England and The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities (TORCH). Participants took part in a recorded semi-structured phone interview exploring their experiences of loneliness, and their impressions of the opposite of loneliness. Each recording inspired a unique soundscape and choreographic response. The result is a collection of 30 filmed ‘gifts’; short videos reflecting the facets of the lived experience of loneliness, and what it means to no longer feel alone. A selection of these short stories have been integrated into a final dance-film, due to air on the 29th October. 


More information about the project and the collection of ‘gifts’ are available on the Justice in Motion Website:


To watch the film, book a free spot here.