New Network Scheme - Michaelmas Term 2020

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Michaelmas term deadline: 20 November 2020

The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities (TORCH) seeks to stimulate and support research activity that transcends disciplinary and institutional boundaries. To this end, the Centre invites applications from colleagues seeking to establish, or consolidate, multi- or interdisciplinary research networks to be based at the Radcliffe Humanities Building.

Each academic term The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities will sponsor the creation and/or development of up to three multi- or interdisciplinary research networks by providing a venue, funding, a web presence and publicity. Funding will ordinarily be up to £2,500. Funding is for one year (renewable for a further year on application after first year). Applicants may also apply for funds from the John Fell Fund. Network funding can be used for purposes relating to the network only. This includes visiting speaker travel/accommodation (but not speaker fees), refreshments for events, room hire where needed, printing for posters etc, casual payroll for on the day conference support (we have strict rules on this so please ensure this is clear in your application budget with the reason why it is needed). In the current climate, we would advise applicants to consider how funding might best be spent to maximise engagement within restrictions. To that end, network funding can also be used to cover costs associated with filming and digital event delivery (except for online platform licenses - TORCH can provide access to an online platform and support with technical delivery as part of its in-kind offering).

Please note that funding cannot be used for network members going to other conferences (conference fees, travel etc.) nor personal research expenses, and cannot be used to employ research assistants/coordinators etc. Network funds cannot be used to pay for membership for societies or individual conference attendance fees.

TORCH does not seek to set agendas in terms of the choice of research theme or prospective range of activities, nor does it set an initial threshold for the size of a new network. Indeed, we welcome innovative applications that will enable small groups of scholars to create new networks and introduce research agendas that will develop during the course of the year(s) that they are based at the Centre. Priority will be given to cross-disciplinary projects that aim to leave a lasting research legacy in the form of generating self-sustaining networks, publications, knowledge-exchange programmes, and/or grant applications.


Eligibility and Process

TORCH encourages imaginative cross-disciplinary applications, and will not sponsor research groups whose activities could be supported by a single college or faculty. Applications from cross-divisional research groups and from groups engaged with non-academic partners are also welcomed. Lead applicants must include a mixture of postholders and early-career scholars from at least 3 faculties/departments, and different colleges. Lead applicants should have contracts or study arrangements in place with the University to cover the full funding period applied for (funding is awarded for 1 year in the first instance, with the option to reapply for a 2nd year).


Application is via the internal IRAMS system (single sign on required). Please click here to apply via IRAMS.

Applications will be assessed by TORCH's management committee, and the committee will aim to respond to all applications within 4-5 weeks.

Colleagues are welcome to contact the TORCH Academic Champion for Networks and Partnerships, Prof María del Pilar Blanco, to discuss prospective applications. Please contact the Networks and Programmes Team (Sarah Bebb and Nikki Carter) at for general queries. 

Michalmas Term deadline: 20 November 2020 

Hilary Term deadline: 26 February 2021


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