Oxford Medieval Graduate Conference 2020: Translation

Medieval image of buildings next to a hairpin river. Palmette border on the outside
This is a Zoom Webinar for the two-day Oxford Medieval Graduate Conference 2020 on 'Translation'.


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OMGC 2020 First Day - Tuesday 29 September

10.00-10.15 Welcome

10.15-11.15 PANEL 1: Relics
Chair: Helen Lawson (St Anne’s College, Oxford)

  • Megan Bunce (Brasenose College, Oxford), ‘Translating Alban: Gallic episcopal approaches to a Romano-British cult.’
  • Hila Manor (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem),‘From the Heavenly to the Earthly and Back: Visual Translation and Sacred Body-Parts.’

11.15-11.30 Morning Break

11.30-12.45 PANEL 2: Philosophical Translation
Chair: Jose Maria Andres (St Hugh’s College, Oxford)

  • Jasmine Jones (Lady Margareth Hall, Oxford), ‘The Lady and the Letter: Two Ecclesiastical Analogies in the Old English Soliloquies’
  • Abigail Whalen (Magdalen College, Oxford), ‘Motion at a Given Instant: Assessing Avicenna’s Contribution to the Work of Albertus Magnus.’
  • Humma Mouzam (University of Birmingham),‘Translating Gerbert: William of Malmesbury, Pope Sylvester II and the lure of al-Andalus.’

12.45-14.15 Lunch Break

14.15-16.00 PANEL 3: Challenges of Translation
Chair: Henry Tann (Balliol College, Oxford)

  • Emily Di Dodo (Magdalen College, Oxford), ‘Boccaccio’s Decameron: The creatively unfaithful Castilian translation.’
  • Megan Bushnell (Linacre College, Oxford), ‘Navigating Lexis and Meaning: Douglas' Line Ratios and How He Redefines the ‘Word-for-Word’ vs. ‘Sense-for-Sense’ Maxim.’
  • Eugeniia Vorobeva (Jesus College, Oxford), ‘Found in Translation, or Proverbial Poetics of Íslendingasögur.’
  • Brianna Daigneault (University of Toronto), ‘How Did Isidore Translate? The Reception and Adaptation of the Etymologiae in the Early Medieval British Isles.’

16.00-16.30 Afternoon Break

16.30-17.30 Keynote Address

  • Dr Mirela Ivanova (University College, Oxford), ‘Translating Language or Culture?: some examples from Central and Eastern Europe.’


OMGC 2020 Second Day - Wednesday 30 September

10.15-11.30 PANEL 4: Images
Chair: Sophie Thorup (Wolfson College, Oxford)

  • Serena Picarelli (Scuola Superiore Meridionale, Naples) and Sandra Gorla (Istituto Italiano di Studi Storici, Naples), ‘Italian Vernacular Instructions for the Illuminator in some French Medieval Romances: a Double Process of Translation.’
  • Emily Carrington Freeman (Independent Scholar), ‘Drawing conclusions: abstracting illuminated initials.’
  • Catrin Haberfield (University of Manchester), ‘‘A Book in Stone’: The Interaction between Manuscript Culture and Runic Epigraphy.’

11.30-12.00 Morning Break

12.00-13.00 PANEL 5: Religious Translation
Chair: Alex Peplow (Merton College, Oxford)

  • Audrey Southgate (Oxford, Merton College), ‘Choose Your Own Translation: Reader Participation in the Wycliffite Psalms.’
  • Rose Lyddon (St Anne’s College, Oxford), Charlie’s Angels: Translating Pseudo-Dionysius' De caelesti hierarchia at the Carolingian court.’

13.00-14.30 Lunch Break

14.30-15.30 PANEL 6: Bilingualism
Chair: Sarah Bridge (St Hilda’s College, Oxford)

  • Llewelyn Hopwood (Corpus Christi, Oxford), ‘Creative Bilingualism in Late-Medieval Welsh Poetry: The Case of Ieuan ap Rhydderch’s Aureation.’
  • Isobel Staton (University of York), ‘Macaronicism and Cultural Translation in the Commonplace Book of Robert Reynes of Acle.’

15.30-16.00 Afternoon Break

16.00-17.00 Keynote Address

  • Professor Ad Putter (University of Bristol), ‘Caxton’s Anglo-Dutch Adaptations: Bad Translation or Linguistic Interference?’

17.00-17.15 Closing Remarks and Announcement of next year’s conference theme

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The conference is supported by the AHRC-TORCH Graduate Fund.