Oxford Migration Conference 2020

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The Oxford Migration Conference 2020, hosted by the Oxford Migration Studies Society in collaboration with Routed Magazine, is going digital this year. 


Stay tuned to this website and OMSS and Routed social media for updates on the conference programme and live events.

About Reimagining Migration Narratives

The Oxford Migration Conference 2020 will focus on explaining, comparing and unpacking the stories that surround refugees, migrants and migration. Narratives are powerful instruments in shaping refugee and migrant lives, migration policies and the ways we think about migration. The conference will bring together academics, researchers, practitioners and artists in an interdisciplinary dialogue with a triple goal:

(1) to de-construct and re-construct contemporary representations and discourses surrounding refugees, migrants and migration in different sectors ranging from academia and media to policy;

(2) to examine theoretical and methodological questions related to the production and silencing of narratives about migration within academia and beyond; and

(3) to reflect on whose stories and which kinds of stories are legitimised as well as on the power of storytelling and the arts in challenging existing discourses and crafting new narratives.