Queer Research Tea

queer studies

Image: JA Nicholls. nice to hold. Oil & acrylic on canvas. Used with permission of the artist

Our research teas provide a relaxed space for those who already engage with queer studies to discuss their work, and for those who are interested in queer studies to find out how it is being used and how they themselves might engage with it, without any requirement of prior preparation.

This week, Jack Parlett (Junior Research Fellow, English) will be speaking about his project on the literary history of New York’s Fire Island, a summer vacation destination around sixty miles away from the city that has been known as a haven for queer people since the 1930s.

Sarah Stein Lubrano (DPhil Politics; School of Life) and Brian M. Watson (University of British Columbia; Kinsey Institute) will discuss their co-authored project, Polyamstories, a public digital history project on the history of polyamory, and the challenges and processes of understanding historical non-monogamy. Their presentation will have a special focus on cases of queer non-monogamy.

Guosh Liu (BA Spanish and Portuguese) explores 16th century Portuguese depictions of sodomy in the Orient, addressing questions of philology, pre-colonialism and applying queer theory outside the West.

Presentations will be followed by time for group discussion. Please bring your own tea.

This event is taking place on the communication platform Zoom. Join us here: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/587740014. If you have never used Zoom before, you can download a free version and find video tutorials on their website: zoom.us. The zoom call will open at 3.45 pm so that zoom newcomers have time to settle in before we start at 4.00 pm.

Image: JA Nicholls. nice to hold. Oil & acrylic on canvas. Used with permission of the artist.