The Oxford Dictionary of National Biography: Call for new subjects

call for new subjects

The Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, the world’s foremost historical biographical reference source, actively commissions lives of notable figures in British history. We are looking for subjects that have come to light through recent research, or whose significance has been reappraised in light of current work.

Candidates should be

  • Deceased (pre-2015)
  • British or relevant to a British Isles or colonial context
  • significant, 'historically notable', or figures who have 'shaped an aspect of national life'
  • not currently included in the ODNB

Likely candidates will be put on file and go on a long list to be considered for future updates by our specialist advisors. It is very helpful if suggestions can include names, dates, a brief summary of significance, and relevant references.

Please forward all suggestions to Dr Anders Ingram, Research Editor with responsibility for pre-1800 material,