The Oxford-Venice Initiative: Funding for Collaborations with the Fondazione Giorgio Cini

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TORCH | The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities is pleased to announce a new round in the continuing collaboration between Oxford Humanities and the Fondazione Giorgio Cini (Venice).

The Fondazione Giorgio Cini is one of Venice’s principal cultural and research institutions. Based on the Island of San Giorgio Maggiore, it has a capacious and well-appointed residential centre for visiting scholars (the Vittore Branca Center), and its libraries have important holdings in history, history of art, literature, music, theatre and photography, with particular emphasis on Venice and its relations with the rest of the world.

TORCH is now inviting Oxford researchers to submit applications to pursue individual research projects at the Cini’s new Vittore Branca Center for visiting scholars.

Applications should be no longer than 1000 words, and must include information on the specific resources you wish to use at the Fondazione Cini and on the length and potential dates of your proposed stay. Please also include a copy of your latest CV. Applicants are required to propose a research topic specifically focused on the archives and documents kept at the Cini, and to explain how collaboration with the research community at the Cini and its libraries would be of benefit both to them in their research, and to the Fondazione.

On the Fondazione’s website, you will find detailed information on their CollectionsPhoto Library, andDigital Archive.

While all proposals are encouraged, we would be particularly interested to hear from researchers wishing to work at the Cini on topics in the following areas:

Click here to see a short film about the Branca Centre. 

The residency may not be subdivided into more than one continuous period of residency at the library.

All recipients of funding will be required to write a short report of their research visit and also contribute material (blog piece and images) to be added to the TORCH website.

Opportunities for individual researchers include:

Visiting Fellowship: For an existing post-doctoral fellow

  • 1 return flight (up to value of £500)
  • Up to 3 month accommodation at the Branca Center (35 euros a day*)
  • Research related expenses (£500)

Visiting Professorship: For an Oxford permanent postholder

  • 1 return flight (up to value of £500)
  • Up to 3 month accommodation at the Branca Center (35 euros a day*)
  • Research related expenses (£500)

Visiting Studentship: For an existing graduate (PGT or PGR student)

  • 1 return flight (up to value of £500)
  • Up to 3 month accommodation at the Branca Center (35 euros a day*)
  • Research and maintenance related expenses (£1000 + up to £300 per month for maintenance, if receipts can be provided)

Please send your completed applications to Dr Anbara Khalidi (TORCH International Officer):

Deadline for applications: Friday 31 January 2020, noon

Please note: a second call for applications will open in late Michaelmas Term 2019.

If you have questions relating to the application process, please contact Dr Anbara Khalidi (TORCH International Officer):

* 35 euros a day is the result of a special support by the Fondazione Giorgio Cini, in order to help international scholars reduce daily expenses of life in Venice – such amount shall be paid directly to the Vittore Branca Center once the Fellowship, Professorship or Studentship has been confirmed to each candidate.

* see above.

* see above.


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The Oxford-Venice Initiative: Collaborations with the Fondazione Giorgio Cini

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