The Woodcutter

A poster for The Woodcutter, with white text against a dark blue night sky, alongside two white fairy outlines. There is a theatre stage with actors and trees in front of a large old building.

The Woodcutter, or The Three Wishes tells the story of Hodge, a lazy, obstinate woodcutter, who is unexpectedly granted three wishes by Oberon, King of the Fairies. Granted with such power, can Hodge make the right decision?


The Woodcutter is a prime example of the literary culture that was once shared between Wrest Park and Wimpole Hall, when both properties were owned by the Yorke family. The play was written by Elizabeth Countess of Hardwicke to entertain the family at Wimpole Hall over the Christmas period in 1797. However, it was revived again at Wrest Park in 1849, this time by the grandchildren of Thomas Robinson, Earl de Grey, who played 'Hodge' in the original Wimpole performance.


Now, The Woodcutter will be staged once more as students from LMH have re-imagined the play and brought it to life in the same playful spirit.


Performance will begin at 7pm, with a drinks reception to follow.

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