Think Like A (Trans Inclusionary) Feminist: A Conversation with Carol Hay

carol hay sat on a sofa wearing a black top and jeans with her legs crossed holding a grey cat in her arms
Join us for a conversation with Professor Carol Hay (UMass Lowell) on feminist philosophy, trans exclusionary cul-de-sacs, and the feminist, trans-inclusive future we should all be fighting for.
In her recent book, Think Like A Feminist (2020), Hay offers an accessible, irreverent, and firmly trans-inclusionary primer to the philosophy behind the feminist revolution. In this conversation, we will explore the fruitful intersections between feminist philosophy and trans experiences, what contributions trans women thinkers have made and continue to make to feminist philosophy, and the shared commitments and beliefs on which we can build a trans inclusionary feminist future. In light of continuing attacks on trans lives in British media and university spaces, we will also talk about the harmful philosophical and political commitments of trans exclusionary radical feminists (TERFs), and the history of their ideas.
In the spirit of Hay’s book, we aspire to make this event accessible to prospective, new and seasoned feminists. Whether you are unfamiliar with public controversies created by trans exclusionary radical feminists (TERFs) and would like to understand what these discussions are about, are already invested in building a trans inclusionary feminist revolution and would like to explore further with us how it might look like, or are looking to learn more about how to beat TERFs’ arguments on feminist grounds – this event is for you.
The event is hosted by Oxford Queer Studies Network and People For Womxn* In Philosophy. All are most welcome to attend, whether or not you are affiliated with the University of Oxford. There will be live captions. If you have any questions or further access requirements, please contact us at
Our conversation will be followed by time for questions and discussion.
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