Webinar: How to use stories to measure impact

old fire station webinar how to use stories to measure impact poster

Evaluation: the spectre hanging over many projects. How do you know what to count? How do you pick the right questions for the forms?

Arts at the Old Fire Station runs projects with people facing tough times. We need to evaluate our work without the evaluation process undermining or distracting from the experience that the participants are having. To move away from questionnaires and statistics, we developed a new way to measure the impact of our work: storytelling.

Unlike conventional approaches to monitoring, Storytelling does not employ quantitative indicators developed in advance – the storytellers decide on what is the most significant impact for them. It’s great for measuring change that is intangible or fuzzy – unexpected, emergent, personalised or diverse – and understanding how change happens.

We're launching a guide to the Storytelling Evaluation Methodology - join Inclusion Manager Sarah Cassidy for a free webinar to get you started. Find out why we use it, what benefits it holds, and how to run the process from start to finish.

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