Gautier de Coinci, Pour mon chief reconforter (RS 885)

Dr Meghan P. Quinlan (voice) and Jacob Mariani (gittern) perform Pour mon chief reconforter, a song composed by the thirteenth-century cleric and poet-composer, Gautier de Coinci. The song addresses the Virgin Mary with colourful imagery and language. The audience was invited to join in the refrain of the song. The song has two contrafacts: the anonymous conductus Sol sub nube latuit and the chanson Chanter et renvoisier sueil (RS 1001) by Thibaut de Blaison.

Part of a lecture-recital of medieval song at the New College Antechapel in Oxford on 7 June 2019. Scholars and performers of medieval music from Oxford and beyond gave a presentation on the issues surrounding the performance of 13th- and 14th-century music, featuring live performances.