Oxford's Forgotten Stories

Rawz, a man with long dreadlocks and glasses, smiles at the camera.

Primary Investigator

Rawz | MC and Poet

In partnership with the Old Fire Station, Oxford.


Oxford is often described as two separate towns by the people that live here; the town and the gown. This free audio/video tour looks at the lesser known stories and locations of central Oxford, home of the gown; the hidden histories and forgotten myths at the heart of the city. It encourages people to explore locations where “townies” would seldom tread or have forgotten the significance of.

This tour is comprised of a series of bespoke works by the MC and Poet, Rawz; a Hip Hop artist that grew up on the town side of Oxford’s notorious town and gown divide, and is now stepping through the looking glass to explore the world of the gown. By inviting audiences to share in some of Oxford’s unknown, unusual and unique stories in a fresh format, in locations that they wouldn't normally go to, Rawz wants to encourage people to experience their city in a new way, fostering new feelings of connection and ownership and bridging the gap between the two towns of Oxford.

Participants in the tour will use smart devices to engage with audio, video and augmented reality presented by Rawz in the form of Spoken Word, and Hip Hop music. The tour will also be open to virtual participation online to include those with access needs or other barriers to participation


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Part of the Humanities Cultural Programme, one of the founding stones for the

future Stephen A. Schwarzman Centre for the Humanities.