Princeton University Press Lectures in European History and Culture

TORCH and Princeton University Press are delighted to celebrate the 2022 Princeton University Press Lecture Series in European Culture and History.
Princeton University Press

The lecture series ran on the 1st, 3rd and 8th November at Levine Auditorium, Trinity College.This year's lectures were given by Professor William Marx. Professor Marx is a writer, researcher, and Professor of Comparative Literature at the Collège de France.  He received the Montyon Prize of the Académie française in 2010  and was elected a member of the Academia Europaea in 2022. He is the author of The Hatred of Literature (2018) and The Tomb of Oedipus: Why Greek Tragedies Were not Tragic (2022).

The 2022 lecture series was on the subject of 'Libraries of the Mind': “Minds are libraries. We never read texts in a vacuum, but rather draw on other texts on our mental shelves, which contextualize, sort, and steer our understanding of the ones we hold in our hands. These mental shelves go by different names: the canon, heritage, patrimony, tradition.... These shelves might appear to be invisible, but they are in truth inseparable from the material and visible libraries which exist in our real world, and with which they share an intertwined history.”


The three lectures in the 2022 Princeton University Press Lecture Series in European Culture and History explored this concept of 'libraries of the mind', and the effect on our knowledge and enjoyment of literature.


The recordings of the three lectures are now available:


1: Recording of Lecture 1: Libraries of the Mind: (1st November, 2022)

2: Recording of Lecture 2: The Dark Matter of Literature: (3rd November, 2022)

3: Recording of Lecture 3: The World Library, or, Beyond World Literature: (8th November, 2022)



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