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Women in the Humanities (WIH) is an expanding research programme within the Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities (TORCH). Established in 2013, it is the UK’s major forum for interdisciplinary humanities scholarship on women, and brings together scholars from across humanities disciplines to develop new approaches to gender equality. It aims to explore how gender and sex play out in history, art, philosophy, music, language and literature, as well as the ethics and politics of gender identity and equality in the Humanities.

Women in the Humanities has five main aims:

•         To create knowledge that develops new perspectives on gender equality. Oxford has the largest concentration of humanities researchers in the world, many of whom focus on women. Their collaboration can produce novel and workable solutions to advancing gender equality.
•         To train and mentor the next generation of pioneering women scholars, policymakers and professionals by supporting research into women’s lives and representations.
•         To promote women’s voices and influence within the Humanities.
•         To support the University in its promotion of gender equality, recognised by the Vice-Chancellor as a strategic aim for Oxford.
•         To collaborate with a variety of institutions and individuals to promote common aims and public engagement in Oxford and beyond.

Women in the Humanities works under the guidance of a Steering Committee and an Advisory Board.



Committee members: 


Jane Garnett, Co-Director (Faculty of History)

Pelagia Goulimari, Co-Director (Faculty of English)

Constanze Guthenke (Faculty of Classics)

Katherine Morris (Faculty of Philosophy)

Claire Williams (Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages)



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