Annual Headline Series

Each year TORCH hosts a headline series of events designed to bring the humanities voice to bear on a pressing contemporary issue. The question at the heart of each series is developed out of conversations with our researchers, our public partners and our friends at other universities and research centres globally.

In 2013-14 we took Humanities and the Public Good as our starting point, in response to wider interest about the role of the humanities in contemporary society, both in Oxford and worldwide. Our headline series for 2014-15, Humanities and Science, focused on the relationship between the disciplines, exploring how new answers can be found – and new research questions can be set – by bringing them together. In 2015-2016 the Humanities and the Digital Age series allowed us to explore areas of convergence between the humanities and the digital, to consider digital’s at once creative and disruptive potential, and to imagine future territory to be prospected. In 2016-18 the Humanities and Identities series brought together researchers, practitioners, policy-makers, creative thinkers and wider communities interested in forms of self-identity past, present and future. The headline series for 2019 was Humanities and Performance

In future years we will to continue think about how the humanities can work with scientists, business and public institutions to address global issues. We welcome suggestions about what these series could look like, please get in touch by emailing if you have any thoughts.