Prehension Blooms (2020-21)

A dancer silhouetted against a large, purple, transparent, glowing egg shape, with arms outstretched.

Photo credit: Miles Hart Photography

Project Lead:

Dr Helena Webb   l   Department of Computer Science   l   University of Oxford

Partner Organisations:

Neon Dance





'Prehension Blooms' is an hour-long performance work for Oxford based company Neon Dance. The project delves into the idea of loneliness as a symptom of modernity, charting the emergence of loneliness as a modern and embodied emotional state. The project brings together an internationally renowned team of artists, technologists and researchers including Professor Marina Jirotka and Dr Helena Webb from the Department of Computer Science at Oxford University to unravel the origins of loneliness, exploring how we find companionship and a sense of belonging today.

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