Under the Lens - Open-air exhibition

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Open-air exhibition - available throughout the Being Human Festival (12-22 November 2020)

Also available online: www.torch.ox.ac.uk/underthelens 

Location: Radcliffe Humanities, Woodstock Road, Oxford.


Also available online:




Whether it’s under the lens of a microscope, camera, or magnifying glass, this event explores how humanities and sciences continue to work together, and how arts still contributes as we move into this new remote and restricted world.  


In partnership with Fusion Arts, we have collaborated with local schoolchildren to make images of their new world around them on photographic paper out in the open. As we share prizes for the school children, Professor Wes Williams will lead the celebration event with humanities researchers, as we look at the new ways of approaching this new ‘lens-led’ world we find ourselves in. Historians and linguists share with us their knowledge of previous 'lockdowns' and how the historical lens can be used to inform our current situation. 


The created images will form a dynamic open-air exhibition available throughout the Being Human Festival in the outside forecourt of the Radcliffe Humanities Building. 


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